Mates were the stuff of legends. But Toby Walker didn’t think things could get much harder than they were. Sent out into the human world by his pack to find help, Toby is shocked to find that the legends might be true when he spots his mate. His only problem is that the sheriff thinks he’s just a cute little Beagle pup and he’s sick with whatever is killing his pack.

Sheriff Randall Markins is shocked when a Beagle pup pees on his leg. He’s even more astounded when he discovers the pup is a gorgeous man that says they’ve mated. Randall has already been through so much in his life and to discover that Toby has mated them without his permission might be more than he can handle. Can Toby convince Randall otherwise or is he doomed to live without his mate? And what about his dying pack?

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