Some fairy tales don’t have actual fairies…And never one that looks part monkey, complete with tail. But that’s what a Grogoch is, and their magic is nearly limitless.

Cuidighteach soaks up attention like a sponge. Securing the attention he craves, he trades magic for sex, even though people see him only as what they desire. He might appear as a busty woman or a brawny man, but only someone who loves him will see his true form.

Finbar’s down on his luck. He thinks he finally has the chance at a real home after inheriting a small farm from his wicked aunt, but his dreams shatter when he sees the place. Then, a gorgeous man who happens to have a tail offers to help, and Finbar’s life starts looking up.

But will Finbar be able to accept the way Cuidighteach lives his life, or will his heart get broken?

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